At Infront responsible business practices are integral to everything we do. Guiding the way, our responsibility to the environment, our employees and stakeholders is a key cornerstone of our long-term vision for a stable and sustainable business.

Guiding Principles

We are committed to demonstrating the highest standards of responsible business – enabling our staff and stakeholders to do the same. We strive to leave a positive impact on the economy – and a minimal impact on the environment – all while ensuring employee satisfaction and overall client success, through encouraging and actively promoting resource management wherever and whenever possible.

Business conduct and ethics: Infront has one of the strongest compliance management systems within the industry and follows high ethical business standards, following the principles set out in recent landmark cases and national bribery laws including the UK Bribery Act.

Clients, stakeholders and society: We encourage all our partners to implement state-of-the-art environmental, social and governance standards. While we cannot ensure compliance, we strive to provide best practices and guidance wherever possible.

People: We provide a fulfilling and progressive work environment and welcome diversity. We thrive on cross-cultural and pan-regional communication, integration and awareness and adhere to extensive HR policies, which are enforced on a group-wide basis. A well-developed performance management system allows for individual target-setting, tailored feedback and identification of training needs.

Environment: We promote environmentally-friendly alternatives and aim to reduce our company’s carbon footprint in everything we do. At the same time we support work carried out by our partners to better understand environmental implications. We deliberately encourage and endeavour to reuse, recycle and select low carbon solutions across the board, from the travel requirements of staff to office and facility management.