FIFA Archive now on line

FIFA's unique heritage of archive material is now available and accessible for business via the world wide web for the first time.

Zug, Switzerland - Infront Sports & Media, responsible for the management of FIFA's archive, is making FIFA's unique heritage of archive material available and accessible for business via the world wide web for the first time. Infront is FIFA's exclusive television partner.

The FIFA Archive is managed by the Infront Archive Management Ltd. office in Ipswich, UK, which handles the customised production and worldwide distribution of FIFA footage, including film and television coverage of previous FIFA World Cups™.

This will be the first time that any FIFA archive material has been available on the web. Video files will be available to stream or download for business subscribers – such as production companies, advertising agencies and television networks making compilation programmes – at

The Official Films are the first product that will be offered on the new system and they will be available to stream in their entirety. Highlights of each film can be downloaded and used in off-line edits. The FIFA World Cup™ television collection and the FIFA Additional Events are also available to customers of the FIFA Archive, but these are not on-line as yet.

The site has an acquisition page, encouraging the on-going search for long lost FIFA film and tape footage. "This technical advance will make the sports footage much more accessible to production companies and networks throughout the world and will facilitate much greater uptake of the material" said Dave Whelan of Infront Sports & Media, Manager of the FIFA Archive.

Previously, various screening media such as VHS and DVD helped clients review visuals and pick out time-coded shots before they decided to acquire the material. Subscribing to an on-line service will let them to see first-hand what material is held in the Archive without having to leave their workplace, downloading chosen clips from the website straight into their working edits.