CBA League

The fastest growing Chinese sports league is contested by 20 clubs playing as many as 400 games to take fans on an exhilarating journey from November to February/March each year. With the season’s highlight, the CBA All-Star Game, reaching a cumulative audience of 85 million on TV, it is an undisputed premium property in Asia.

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Number One in China

Basketball is a powerful vehicle to reach Chinese consumers. There is potential to exploit the sport as a dynamic product and benefit from the synergy of the CBA League and Team China. Centralised rights deliver exposure to every team and arena in the CBA across 13 markets and as a special highlight, the CBA All-Star Weekend further boosts commercial appeal.

Gateway to opportunity

Superb viewing - the live broadcast product in HD 16:9 with international sound is captured using a minimum of eight cameras and during the final stages up to twelve. Sponsorship is clear, in and out of camera view - product exclusivity allows leading brands to be positioned alongside national heroes and engagement onsite offers an array of creative options. There are also retail-specific commercial opportunities as well as an option for player appearances. The League attracts foreign players, sponsors and broadcasters alike. Overall, the 2016/17 season achieved cumulative 4,700 hours of broadcast by domestic TVs, reaching a cumulative audience of 800 million.

Competitive Powerful Strong Tactical

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