IBU World Championships Biathlon

All the speed and precision of biathlon’s cross-country skiing and rifle shooting talent is showcased at the 11 competitions of the annual IBU World Championships Biathlon. Ten vigorous days throughout February or March each year guarantee exceptional commercial opportunities.

Unique opportunity in winter sport

As one of the most popular winter sports in Europe, biathlon brings multiple benefits. The commercial platform is comprised of both IBU flagship events - the IBU World Championships and World Cup Biathlon - providing a truly unique opportunity for comprehensive brand association across the entire scene. The shared sponsorship inventory holds the potential to not only increase brand visibility but also foster highly sought-after image attributes, as well as engage with over 500,000 spectators onsite.

Targeted visibility for brands

Biathlon achieves excellent TV viewing figures especially in Germany, Russia, Norway and Sweden with cumulative audiences up to 560 million from 780 hours of live and or delayed coverage per season. On live TV in Germany alone it reaches 5.9m viewers, almost 36% market share. The power of the sponsorship opportunity is strictly limited to six partners to provide maximum exposure and activation options. Strategic product placement and branding in prime locations of the biathlon stadiums and courses together with promotions activity create high visibility in and out of camera view, in addition to advertising. There are further opportunities for one data partner and one timing partner – open to take advantage of TV inserts.

Speed Precision Tradition Stamina

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