Lega Serie A

Captivating more than 35 million passionate and loyal Italian football fans, Serie A has produced a high number of European Cup finalists. The league includes 20 teams playing before a cumulative audience of 300 million watching live matches on pay-TV.


Passionate football nation

With more than 50% of the population enthusiastically following their club, Serie A attracts a strong following in Italy and beyond. Advising the Serie A on the TV production of the matches each season, Infront contributes attractive video to prepare pre-produced magazine and highlight programming for the Serie A as well as additional footage, background information and interviews packaged to suit broadcasters’ needs. Delivered every week in HD to the international market, the two official Serie A magazines reflect 2,000 minutes of high quality programming.

Working across the board, Infront offers a variety of marketing opportunities, including stadium advertising rights and sponsorship, for a selection of Serie A clubs.

Unforgettable Italian football heritage

The visual evidence behind the Italian League champions’ immense, global success a comprehensive history of the goals, saves and penalties featuring the most famous players and clubs is offered via the Serie A archive. A full service to producers, television networks and other media operators, the footage is offered for exploitation on both traditional and new media platforms, from nine days after the event and covers 1954 through to today of historic football footage.

Legacy Passionate Italian Prestigious

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