World and European Curling Championships

Strategic and tactical, with over 500 years of rich history, curling has risen to popularity. Every year, the World Curling Championship and the European Curling Championships showcases the top men’s and women’s curling teams. The World Curling Championships is played over nine days, with the women’s event played in March and the men’s in April, while the European Curling Championship captivates audiences over one week in November.

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Unique ice-bound sport

Curling offers guaranteed brand exposure with highly visible under-ice advertising – with a camera focused directly on the ice, perimeter boards, score boards, bumpers and hack signs. Engagement onsite ranges from product placement and promotions to VIP access and meet-and-greets with athletes. In addition, cross-media advertising activities on sports channels as well as logo integration on all print and online materials provide further exposure benefits.

Immersive programming

Curling works extremely well on television; with direct and simple competition, and audible players’ voices, viewers feel very much part of the game. TV viewing is particularly high in Canada, China, Japan, Scotland, Sweden and Switzerland. The 2017 World Men’s Curling Championship in Edmonton, Canada attracted a cumulative audience of 128 million viewers from 345 hours of coverage, while the 2017 World Women’s Curling Championship in Beijing, China, was watched by a cumulative TV audience of 189 million viewers from 1,294 hours of coverage. The 2016 Le Gruyère AOP European Curling Championships in Braehead, Glasgow, attracted a cumulative audience of 51.02 million viewers from 2,614 hours of coverage. All forms of worldwide media rights (except for Canada) are available, including TV and new media – offering broadcasters live, delayed and highlights coverage.

Tactical Strategic Precision Accuracy

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