Mascot Development & Logo Design

An effective event logo or mascot requires extensive research, creativity and innovation. Infront has proven experience developing logos and mascots that perfectly embody the sport and elevate the fan experience.

Capturing the essence of the sport

Logos and sports mascots should be memorable, relatable and build awareness of the event. The logo must immediately convey the sport, culture, and event attributes – all in one small icon, while the mascot builds rapport and brings the event to life. Through an immersive and holistic approach, Infront helps clients develop the mascot and logo that suits their needs, enhances the overall event appeal and increases the success of related merchandising and marketing campaigns.

  • In-depth research on public opinion, culture and sport characteristics
  • Comprehensive logo concept, rationale, integration and implementation guidelines
  • Mascot character development and operational support – from training, manuals and guiding principles, to best practices on mascot entertainment and stunts
  • Merchandising, digital and social media support and strategies